Come along for an adventure with baby Chris as he grows in his mom’s womb. Through this interactive flashcard activity, Sunday school teachers, parents, and children learn how a baby in their mother’s womb is just like them!

These cards provide an opportunity for children to learn about Chris in the “Teaching Moment Section,” on the back of each card, while adults and more mature audiences benefit from a detailed analysis and description in the “Digging Deeper,” section on the back of each card.

Sharing Chris’s development with children allows them to learn from a young age that all life is valuable and the only difference between a child in the womb and them is size and location. We are one humanity, made distinct by God for His glory and purpose. Acknowledging how each person is uniquely created by God is so important in understanding why life is sacred and how destroying it through abortion is wrong.

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Chris’s Milestones

Week Six

My heart is beating!

Week Twelve

My fingerprints are forming!

Week Nineteen

My ears are forming!

Additional Life Learning Resources

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