Anglicans For Life is pleased to produce a variety of events focused on Life-Affirming ministry. Our events range from an annual SUMMIT to on-demand conference.
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Programming and Events

Explore the various events AFL hosts each year. Keep in mind, we host specialized webinars, and AFL’s President, Georgette, speaks at a variety of conferences throughout the year. To make sure you are kept in the loop, don’t forget to sign-up for our email list if you want to be notified about new events or opportunities.

Zoom for Life

Second Monday of Every Month @ 8 pm EST

In 2022, AFL began monthly Zoom for Life meetings as a way to promote and foster collaboration among Life-Affirming Churches, Life Leaders, and Chapter Leaders across the nation as we share Life-Affirming ministry ideas, strategies, and resources with one another. Participants are encouraged to share ministry successes, provide feedback, and connect with others in hopes of impacting life across the country. Guests speakers often present on important life topics that generate thought-provoking discourse.

Our goal is to focus on the life topics impacting our culture, and equip participants to effectively lead their church by participating in Life-Affirming ministry, education, and advocacy. Meetings occur on the second Monday of every month from 8-9 pm Eastern Standard Time.

Life-Affirming Churches, Life Leaders, and Chapter Leaders are encouraged to attend each Zoom Meeting – we also invite you to share the meeting link with interested members of your church congregation so they can participate.


January 18-20, 2024

Anglicans For Life (AFL) invites you to attend our annual Life SUMMIT conference which coincides with the annual March for Life. The events kick-off Thursday evening, January 18, 2024, and run through Saturday, January 20, 2024. Over the course of three days, students and adults will celebrate life, mourn the hastened death of the unborn and elderly, worship our Creator, and equip the Church for Life-Affirming ministry!

While we celebrate the overturning of Roe v.Wade and the thousands of lives that will be saved, God’s people must also be prepared to help women facing unplanned pregnancies, as well as offering support to the aged and terminally ill. AFL’s Life SUMMIT empowers attendees to be effective ministers of the Gospel of Life to those that are lost and lonely in our communities.

Sanctity of Life Sunday

Sunday closest to January 22

Sanctity of Life Sunday, the Sunday closest to January 22, is the day the Supreme Court handed down the Roe v. Wade decision. During this day, the Church celebrates God’s gift of life, commemorates the many lives lost to abortion, and commits to protecting human life at every stage. Many churches hold a Sanctity of Life Sunday service in observance of this day. While it is typically held on a Sunday in January, it can be held at any time in the liturgical calendar.

As a supplemental resource for Sanctity of Life Sunday, AFL creates a bulletin insert every year. Bulletin inserts can be utilized throughout the year, and help educate parishioners on important life topics.

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Quasar Conference

Host this unique conference at your church. It consists of three, one-hour lessons presented by AFL’s president, Georgette Forney. She will address abortion, end of life issues, and action ideas for starting life ministry in your church that serve the greater community! This is a great first step if you want to start Life-Affirming ministry in your parish. For availability and scheduling, contact Georgette via email at [email protected].