Speak Up for Life

Speak Up for Life is a brand new initiative that helps you learn the truth about a variety of topics. Once you read each section, listed below, don't forget to share the truth online, at home, and within your community!
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Ending Abortion Through Public Education

About the Initiative

Most topics gain or lose public support based as a result of information shared through the mainstream media. In addressing abortion, the media has chosen to only report abortion based on the narrative provided by the abortion industry, who, like the tobacco industry, cultivated a positive profile for their product by avoiding the inconvenient truths about their impact on the health and well-being of people. 

While the media avoids the truth about abortion, allowing it to be portrayed as a medical procedure between a woman and her doctor, people who affirm the value of life, see abortion as intentionally ending the life of a human being, and therefore, want to end abortion, by making it unthinkable and unnecessary.

To help achieve this goal, we are recruiting you to replace this skewed societal perspective and share the facts about abortion with your circle of friends. We believe that if all of God’s people shared one fact about abortion with one person every day, we would end abortion.

To prepare you to share facts and information, we have created this unique initiative: Speak Up for Life. Please review the topics, their specific strategy, and tactics to identify which ones you are naturally interested in. Then, use the QR code on each page to take you to a webpage filled with additional data, research, articles, graphics, and talking points. Once you become familiar with the facts related to a tactic, share your knowledge in everyday conversations, online, and locally. 

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Get the Facts

Use the links below to discover individual topics, learn about each topic, get equipped to share facts, and spread the truth!

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