Abortion Consequences

Many issues related to protecting the sanctity of life and speaking up about the evils of abortion do not fit neatly into a specific strategy, hence we have created this miscellaneous Abortion Consequences category to address these various topics! We refer to them as consequences because if abortion was not widely available, they would not exist as problems that need to be talked about.
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Expose how the abortion industry uses deceptive practices to protect its growing profits by sacrificing unborn children, women, truth, human rights, and social decency.


These are the actionable points that you can use to spread truthful information about the abortion pills.

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Protect Conscientious Rights

Protect the conscientious rights of medical personnel who are forced to set aside their morals and values to provide abortions or dispense pharmaceuticals that cause abortion.

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Expose Illegal Practices

Reveal the illegal practices of adjusting abortion procedures to ensure baby body parts are intact and able to be sold for medical research.

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Call-out Misinformation

Expose pro-abortion political operatives on-record discussing the lies they used to sway public opinion prior to voting for abortion related constitutional amendments.

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Explain Disposition of Fetal Remains

Explain the various methods the abortion industry uses to dispose of aborted baby remains so that people see the baby as a person and the abortion industry as evil.

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Reveal Planned Parenthood Corruption

Dive into Planned Parenthood’s monolithic organization to share information about their questionable business practices that include racism and exploitation of women.

Tactic #1: Protect Conscientious Rights

While the concept of “my body, my choice” is sacrosanct amongst abortion advocates, this philosophy does not apply when they seek to force health care workers, including pharmacists to set aside their morals and values to provide abortions, refer for them, or dispense pharmaceuticals that cause them. Protecting the Conscientious Rights of Medical Personnel is critical, especially as the National Library of Medicine published a study that found 90% of practicing obstetricians will not perform an elective abortion.

The abortion industry does not want anyone to deny women access to abortion, referring to it as a woman’s reproductive right, even if exercising her ‘right’ (which does not exist in the U.S. Constitution) comes at the cost of someone else’s rights. People who object to participating in abortion for moral or religious reason must be honored, as no one should be forced to do something they conscientiously object to being involved in.

Currently, the Biden administration is trying to rescind previous administration’s federal conscience protections for companies and individuals. Whether it is employers refusing to include abortion coverage in health insurance policies or emergency room doctors declining to perform an abortion without it being a medical necessity. The additional resources and links highlight some of these cases as they are being challenged in the court system by our current President.

Tactic #2: Expose Illegal Practices

In 2015, the Center for Medical Progress released a series of videos featuring abortion doctors discussing the harvesting of aborted baby body parts that would be sold for medical research projects. While illegal, this practice continues today, we must make the public aware of this heinous practice to help people see the humanity of the baby and the truth of how abortion procedures are altered to ensure they get organs and body parts intact.

The irony in using aborted babies in research is the fact that because they are indeed human, researchers get better data than using mice! Meanwhile they deny the humanity of the baby to promote abortion. It’s a human when they want to harvest its organs and body parts but just a glob of tissue when it comes to a woman’s choice. Beyond the harvesting of baby body parts, is the gruesome types of research they subject the fetal remains to. While it is illegal to experiment on human beings, it continues.

Tactic #3: Call-Out Misinformation

Since Dobbs overturned Roe, the abortion industry started a campaign to mislead the public on a variety of abortion-related talking points. It started with saying Dobbs outlawed abortion, and then morphed into “women will be denied care for an ectopic pregnancy or miscarriage,” this point then became, women will be prosecuted if they are treated for a miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy. Additionally, they added other lies such as: “pro-life laws do not protect the life of the mother,” “abortion empowers women,” and “abortion is safe.”

Political operatives working for the abortion cartel on state ballot initiatives share in this article how they relied on false premises and deception about the reality of treatment for pregnancy complications and miscarriages – thus misleading the voters they hoped to influence. We must expose their lies, myths, half-truths, etc., as human life is on the line!

Remember… “If you want the public to believe something, simply hammer their senses with the same stories, over and over again. This leads to what is known as ‘the illusory truth effect,’ which ‘refers to the human tendency to believe a claim or a piece of information to be true after being exposed to it multiple times.’” The more we hear or read something, the more likely we are to believe it.” Even if it is a lie! While the author of this quote is unknown, it captures the reality of human nature and why we must speak up for life!!

Tactic #4: Explain Disposition of Fetal Remains

One of the hardest facts to face when looking at the evil of abortion relates to disposition of the baby’s dead body. What do abortion clinics do with the remains of over 2,000 babies per day?

While each state has laws governing the disposition of human remains, there is little to no enforcement of laws when it comes to aborted babies. It is only when fetal remains are discovered somehow, somewhere, that legal authorities get involved.

Two of the most notorious and recent cases of abortion doctors storing dead babies feature Kermit Gosnell and Ulrich “George” Klopfer. They both stored babies after they were aborted. Another recent example was in Washington, D.C. when members of the Progressive Anti-Abortion Uprising asked the truck driver of the bio-medical waste company for a box of remains to see what would happen. He gave them 2 boxes, where they found the remains of 115 children, 5 of which were late-term aborted babies.

Talking with people about the various ways the abortion industry employs to dispose of the babies can help the public realize their personhood and why innocent unborn babies should be protected.

Tactic #5: Reveal Planned Parenthood Corruption

Planned Parenthood is a non-profit organization that receives over $600 million dollars annually in tax dollars from the government to help kill citizens in the womb. While it pretends to offer health care to women, the only service that continues to grow in their annual report is abortion. In 2021, PP’s annual report shows 374,155 babies were aborted in their clinics nationwide.

Doing a deep dive into this monolithic organization can equip you to share critical information about their questionable practices. For example:

Life Issues Institute’s research documented that 79% of Planned Parenthood abortion facilities were located in or near neighborhoods with high populations of black and Hispanic women. Margaret Sanger, the original founder of Planned Parenthood, would be proud of the systemic racism that permeates her organization.

In a new video expose’, Project Veritas uncovered the Kansas Planned Parenthood Managing Director admitting they were taking teens to other states for secret abortions without their parents’ consent. Other employees confirmed this is happening in multiple states.

Planned Parenthood doctors and employees were also featured in the Center for Medical Progress series of videos showcasing abortion doctors discussing the harvesting of aborted baby body parts that would be sold for medical research projects. They admitted, on-camera, to altering the abortion procedures based on baby body parts requested by researchers and lied to women, saying that if they donated their aborted baby, it would help save thousands of lives from a variety of diseases.