About Us

Anglicans For Life is the only para-church ministry in the Anglican Communion that exists to equip and enable local congregations to provide Life-Affirming outreach and ministry to uphold the Sanctity of Life and protect the vulnerable. AFL offers a variety of pathways for lay and ordained members of churches to get involved in bearing witness to life in their congregations and communities.
AFL group at the march for Life wearing lime green

About AFL

Anglicans For Life is the only Life-Affirming ministry in the Anglican Communion that educates and provides pastoral resources on the issues of abortion, assisted suicide, adoption, sexual risk avoidance, and bioethics.


Eradicate abortion and euthanasia through ministry, education, pastoral care, and advocacy.


Inspire every believer in every church to do one thing every day to protect life and prevent abortion and euthanasia.

AFL’s Stance on Life Topics


Anglicans For Life believes that human beings are created in the image of God and that life begins at conception. Therefore, Anglicans For Life does not approve of abortion at any stage of a baby’s development.


Anglicans For Life does not have an official position on the issue of contraception. We encourage women and couples to prayerfully research and employ healthy and safe family planning methods.

Stem Cell Research

Anglicans For Life supports research using non-embryonic stem cells in an effort to advance medical science as long as embryonic stem cells are not used or destroyed.


God, alone, numbers our days, therefore, AFL believes it’s always wrong to hasten death via euthanasia or assisted suicide. Death should happen naturally and be neither artificially prolonged nor prematurely ended.

Orphans and Vulnerable Children

As children of God, we come into God’s family through adoption. Therefore, as God’s adopted children, AFL supports and affirms orphans and vulnerable children, adoptive parents, and birth parents, as well as those involved in the foster care system.

Death Penalty

AFL does not have an official position on the issue of Capital Punishment, we mourn with families who have suffered and turn to God to redeem the souls of those awaiting punishment.

Partial Birth Abortion

Anglicans For Life strongly opposes partial birth abortion, as it not only ends a helpless life, but does so in a particularly cruel and violent manner.

Abortion Aftercare

Healing and forgiveness comes through Jesus Christ for all sins, including abortion. People suffering from physical, emotional, and spiritual trauma after abortion can experience God’s grace in their lives through outstanding healing programs.