40 for Life

This year, Anglicans For Life is celebrating our 40th anniversary. In celebration, we are dedicating 2023 to showing the world what the church can do for life through a variety of activities, events, and resources specifically designed to engage both lay and ordained individuals and their churches. Below, you will find an outline of the scheduled 40 for Life activities.

Scheduled Activities


Zoom for Life: Caring Not Killing (Two-part mini conference)


The World’s Largest Baby Shower


Christmas in July and Educational Programs



Orphans and Vulnerable Children/Adoption


Reflecting on AFL’s impact, challenges, and triumphs throughout the years.

Every month, AFL hosts Zoom for Life, a virtual meeting for Life Leaders, Chapter Leaders, and Life-Affirming Churches. During the months of February and March, these meetings will be replaced with a two part mini-conference focused on the end of life, with a special focus on the topics of euthanasia and assisted suicide.

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