At the heart of AFL’s ministry is our desire to show the world what the Anglican Communion can do and what we are doing to bear witness to the sacredness of life.
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Clergy Involvement Opportunities

We appreciate that Clergy need to provide pastoral care for parishioners who are seeking spiritual guidance and counsel on various life topics, so we want to make Life-Affirming Ministry as easy as possible.

AFL has a library of resources that can address a variety of common life issues. If a member of your church is facing any of these issues or other unique ones, please reach out to Anglicans For Life for help and resources. As your go-to resource for help with life issues, we have compiled information, articles, statistics, curricula, and much more, so that ordained leaders can easily access help to serve their congregation with the most accurate information and resources available.

Explore the various resources below. If you can’t find what you are looking for, contact us so we can access our network of organizations to help fill your need.

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Resources by Topic

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Litanies and Liturgies

In an effort to aid clergy in preparing for weekly services, AFL, with the help of Anglican pastors, priests, and bishops, have contributed litanies and liturgies you can use at your church.

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    Advising couples about infertility

    Direct the couple to the Napro Technology website or recommend the book: Conceived by Science by Stephanie Gray Connors.

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    Supporting parishioners with abortion history

    Help parishioners and congregants with abortion history by directing them to the Silent No More Awareness Campaign.

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    Ministering to victims of rape or incest

    Contact Canon Georgette

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    Aiding adoptive families and children

    Contact AFL’s Adoption and Orphan Care Consultant, Johnston Moore, or visit our Adoption webpage for more info.

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      Counseling Caregivers

      Recommend and lead a group with the Embrace the Journey curriculum.

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      Teaching a Life-Affirming world view

      Lead students through the Project Life and/or Abundant Life curriculum at Sunday School.

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      Addressing sex with students

      AFL’s Abundant Life educational program focuses on a variety of topics specific to young adults including relationships, sex, identity, and more.

      Sanctity of Life Sunday

      On Sanctity of Life Sunday, the Sunday closest to January 22 – the day the Supreme Court handed down the Roe v. Wade decision – the Church recognizes God’s gift of life and acknowledges the many lives lost to abortion, while renewing our commitment to protecting human life at every stage. Many churches hold a Sanctity of Life Sunday service in observance of this day. While it is typically held on a Sunday in January, it can be held at any time in the liturgical calendar.

      As a supplemental resource for Sanctity of Life Sunday, AFL creates a bulletin insert every year. Bulletin inserts can be utilized throughout the year, and help educate parishioners on important life topics. To purchase yours, visit our shop’s church resource section here.

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