Considering Abortion?

Making an informed decision is critical when considering abortion, adoption, or motherhood. Remember you are not alone, and other men and women have faced similar situations. Healing and support IS available.
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Know Your Options

It is critical that you understand there are a variety of options when you are facing an unplanned pregnancy. The “Important Life Resources” PDF will provide you with a variety of resources and ministries that will help you.

Please remember, that you are NOT alone in this. Men and women across the globe face the same struggles, insecurities, and dilemmas you are facing. If you aren’t quite ready to talk to someone but need to find healing and help, click here to read testimonies from both men and women alike.

Visit AFL’s online store packed with a variety of FREE resources for you to navigate pregnancy, abortion, and the Sanctity of Life. You may even find solace in Life-Affirming Scriptures.

We have also created a wonderful resource called the “Important Life Resource Guide” for churches and individuals to give anyone facing a difficult life decision such as abortion.

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Let’s Chat!

If you’ve recently found out that you are pregnant you may be excited, filled with fear, or both. Pregnancy should be a time of celebration, but it may feel more like a problem that you wish would just go away. You may be hurt that those who care about you aren’t excited and supportive. If you are feeling alone, scared, or in need of help dealing with your problem, please reach out to us. Don’t make decisions without knowing all the facts.

AFL’s president, Georgette Forney, is happy to talk with you privately. She had an abortion at the age of 16 and can help you understand and examine the various emotions and thoughts consuming you.