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Sacred Space

The Bible constantly uses the things of this world to instruct us.

Why are Anglicans Pro-Life?

The Scriptures Teach Us to be Pro-Life By the Rev. Deacon Georgette Forney and Anglican Compass People often say that abortion isn’t mentioned in...

Doing Something For Life

One Anglican Woman Making A Difference Late last summer, an email came in from a woman named, Deb Spellerberg. The email said, “How can I help yo...

The Impact of a Leak

that the Justices would ever overturn the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision that legalized abortion all nine months of pregnancy. I always felt it would ...

What to Do Post Roe?

When I accepted my position with Anglicans For Life, someone joked that the goal of my job, ending abortion, would lead to me being unemployed. I...

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