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Summit 2017: Mobilizing the Church for Life

Pre-born children are a people group hidden, unrecognized, unreached, and persecuted, but Christians are called by God to have concern for them, according to a speaker at a gathering of Anglican Christians, addressing sanctity of life issues. “Abortion is a deep...

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Action Ideas for Life – Depression and Aging

Each month we will  offer a list of action ideas so you can defend, honor, and celebrate Life in your churches and communities on our Take Action page.  This month, we are looking at depression and aging We often refer to the last stage of life as being our “Golden...

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Abortion Left Me Broken

Drawing closer to God is what the Christian faith is all about. As each of us cry out, "Lord," we bring our sinfulness to Him for forgiveness and reconciliation. Ironically though, it is often our sins that keep us from coming to Him. We accept His forgiveness to a...

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It’s a baby, not a choice

The death toll rises every single day. In fact a baby dies every thirty seconds. They are innocent and yet they are killed in a savage manner and worse; they are killed by their own parent. They are the aborted babies that die each day thanks to the Supreme Court...

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