is sacred.

The Sanctity of Life is the foundation of Anglicans For Life’s ministry. God’s Word is clear: ALL life is sacred, and humanity was made in the holy image of God.


Anglicans For Life (AFL) is the only Life-Affirming ministry in the Anglican Communion. AFL educates and provides pastoral resources on the issues of abortion, assisted suicide, adoption, sexual risk avoidance, and bioethics. AFL is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that relies on the generosity of donors. All donations are tax-deductible.

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We’ve researched and found the most relevant and worthy articles to educate and equip you in affirming and protecting life. We encourage you to share these stories and updates on social media. Make sure you bookmark this page and come back daily for updated news. To read the past articles, click here

7 Ways Planned Parenthood Misleads Women Through Deceptive Marketing

This is a great article that is filled with citations and links proving each point is valid and true.

Archbishop of Canterbury and wife chose life for daughter despite pressure to abort

Abortion is common when an unborn baby is diagnosed with a fatal or life-changing illness in the womb. The Archbishop of Canterbury shared his testimony in hopes of helping families find a better approach.

Caleb's Story: Unborn Baby Deemed Incompatible with Life is Now a Flourishing 20-year-old

This is a story of hope when parents get a fatal pregnancy diagnosis but don’t give up. Now, their 20 year-old son reminds everyone medical tests are not infallible.

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Through the grace of God, over the past 5 years our ministry has grown to see … .

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Getting involved with AFL’s Life-Affirming ministry can be a multi-faceted approach. Some people wish to get-involved from an individualistic approach, while others want to be in the heat of advocacy and church planning. That’s why we’ve made it easy for you to navigate the various ways to get involved through our leadership opportunities, resources, events, and blog.

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“Jesus Christ called His disciples to be light in the world. Light pushes back darkness & shows the way. Anglicans For Life is just such a ministry. It stands for the unchanging standard of God’s gift of life from conception.”

Archbishop Ray Sutton

“We honor God as the creator of life. For this reason, I support AFL, whose mission is to equip & engage the Church in fulfilling Scripture’s mandate to care for the unborn, the elderly, & the vulnerable.”

Bishop John Guernsey

“I’m grateful for the ministry of Anglicans For Life.  Their mission to inform the Church & engage the culture reminds those of us in the Anglican Communion, and all Christian people, of our duty to defend the Sanctity of Life.”

Archbishop Foley Beach

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