take action prayer january 2020

Each month we will offer a list of action ideas so you can defend, honor, and celebrate Life in your churches and communities on our Take Action page. This month, we are looking at prayer.

“Abortion is such a big issue. What can I really do about it?” This is a question we’ve heard many times. It’s a big reason why our Take Action page exists on our website—we want to share practical things you can do for Life in your churches and neighborhoods!

Still, defending the unborn and vulnerable can seem difficult and hopeless. Many of us have been driven to our knees, in despair, needing to know if there’s purpose to our labor. But it’s often on our knees that God can best use us—calling out to Him in prayer.

I invite you to join us in praying this January. Individually or as a group, pray for the unborn, the elderly, and the vulnerable. Pray for elected officials pursing life-affirming legislation. Pray for churches, priests, and pastors seeking to defend Life. Pray for mothers considering abortion for their unborn children and for women and men who are grieving after abortion. Pray for pro-life people marching at events nationwide. And pray that Life may be valued as God always intended it to be.

Action Ideas

  • Sign up to become one of the AFL Prayer Team members and receive our quarterly prayer calendar by email or mail
  • Find a local clinic and commit to praying there regularly.
  • Share our life-affirming litanies with your priest or pastor to pray during a service.