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At the heart of AFL’s ministry is our effort to come alongside the Anglican Church. We know that church leaders have their hands full, so we want to make Life-Affirming Ministry as easy as possible. We’re always compiling information, articles, news updates, statistics, curriculums, and more, so that it’s simple and useful for the church to utilize.

Helping Parishioners & Congregants with Abortion History

We help women & men hurting after abortion find healing programs. We also can recommend particular resources to help you address this in your church & with your parishioners.

We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the Silent No More Awareness Campaign and encourage any parishioners who have been affected by abortion to learn more about the campaign.

Contact us to learn more.

Providing Resources for Couples Struggling with Infertility

Information for understanding the ethical concerns of IVF and other assisted reproductive technology and God’s will concerning children is available from the following resources.

Fertility Care Centers of America (website)
Chreighton Model Fertility Care System (website)
NaProTECHNOLOGY (website)
Embryo Adoption Awareness Center (website)
Nightlight Christian Adoptions (website)

Bioethics: a Primer for Christians, by Gilbert Meilaender (book)

Advising Families Facing Unplanned Teen Pregnancies

We recommend these books to help as you minister to young people and families facing unplanned teen pregnancy, such as how to express compassion without judgement and how to mentor the mother in choosing what’s best for her and her baby.

I’m Pregnant… Now What? By Ruth Graham & Sarah Dormon, Ph.D. (b00k)
Mom, Dad, I’m Pregnant by Jayne E. Schooler (book)
How to Survive Your Teen’s Pregnancy: Practical Advice for the Parents of a Pregnant Christian Single by Linda Ellen Perry and Lynellen D.S. Perry (book)

Helping Families who Have Adopted

Recommended organizations and resources for navigating the emotional ups and downs of the adoption process, helping families doing international adoption, understanding the unique issues that special needs children bring to an adoptive family, are listed below.

Adoption Share (website)
Bethany Christian Services (website)
The Anglican Chaplain Adoption Fund (website)

Contact us to learn more.

Ministering to Women Pregnant from Rape or Incest

AFL encourages everyone to be aware of the Rape Hotline. The National Sexual Assault Hotline number is 1-800-656-4673.

While trying to care for victims, abortion is often seen as an acceptable answer. Provided are resources to help counsel the victim & communicate the long term consequences of abortion.

Victims and Victors: Speaking Out About Their Pregnancies, Abortions, and Children Resulting from Sexual Assault by Makimaa, Sobie Reardon (book)

Contact us to learn more.

Advising Couples  about Pre-Natal Diagnoses and Gender Counseling

When a couple faces infertility or learns the baby in the womb has a genetic disorder, they are often advised to terminate the pregnancy. Listed here are resources to encourage and guide couples to choose Life.

Jerome Lejeune Foundation USA (website)
Be Not Afraid (website)
Perinatal Hospice & Palliative Care (website)

Contact us to learn more.

Teaching Life-Affirming World View Sunday School

Curriculums, programs, and other resources can be a great help in addressing Life issues with members of all ages of your congregation during the weekly Sunday School Hour.

Angel in the Waters by Regina Doman (book)
The Miracle of Me by Amy B. Pedersen (book)
You are a Masterpiece: Teaching Your Child About Life Before Birth (DVD)
The Endowment for Human Development (website)
Project Life (curriculum)

Embrace the Journey (curriculum)

Abundant Life: You Were Made For More (curriculum)

Teaching Students the Abstinence Message

AFL has createdour own abstinence program, called Abundant Life: You Were Made for More, a video series filled with resources and data, to be used by teens, parents, and youth leaders.

Abundant Life: You Were Made for More (website)

Theology of the Body (website)

Stand Up Girl (website)
Teen Breaks (website)

Counseling Those Caring for Elderly Parents

Here are several resources to help parishioners care for their loved ones who are facing end of life needs and make them aware of issues that can lead to the hastening of death, understanding hospice programs and palliative care.

Human Life Alliance (website)
Euthanasia Prevention Coalition (website)
Quiet Moments for Caregivers and Their Families by Betty Free (book)
Embrace the Journey (curriculum)
Finishing Life God’s Way (curriculum)

Sanctity of Life Sunday

On Sanctity of Life Sunday, which normally occurs the Sunday closest to January 22nd, the day the Supreme Court handed down the Roe versus Wade decision, the Church celebrates God’s gift of life, commemorates the many lives lost to abortion, and commits to protecting human life at every stage. Sanctity of Life Sunday service can be held at any time in the liturgical calendar. See our resources for leading your own service.


  • Intercessions for Life
  • Office of Prayer & Supplication for the Victims of Abortion
  • Pro-Life Litanies
  • Mother’s Day Litany
  • Litany of Repentance for the Nation 


  • Sanctity of Life Healing Service
  • Service of Commemoration and Dedication of Deceased Unborn Children
  • Service of Healing for the Loss of a Child to Miscarriage, Illness, Injury, or Abortion 
  • Post-Abortion Liturgy  
  • MFL Service Leaflet  
  • Liturgy for the Preborn 
  • Liturgy 2023 March for Life Service
  • Liturgy March for Life Service
  • Liturgy for After Abortion
  • Liturgy for Sanctity of Life Healing Service

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