Many people assume we focus only on pro-life topics surrounding unborn babies. A big part of our mission to uphold the Sanctity of Life rests in protecting the unborn, but as a true Life-Affirming ministry, we focus on a full spectrum of life topics, including those outside of abortion and reproductive contexts. In fact, AFL is dedicated to upholding the sacredness of ALL life, whether it is a baby in his/her mother's womb, an elderly man in a nursing home, or a disabled individual.
Social worker meeting with couple after adoption of child

Topics We Cover

Anglicans For Life is a Life-Affirming ministry. We celebrate, honor, and protect life from conception to natural death and every stage in between because we believe that life is a sacred gift given to us by God. Unfortunately, today’s world and the current culture provide ample opportunities for people to harm or end the lives of the unborn, the elderly, and the vulnerable. However, it is our duty and privilege to educate and engage the Church to protect these people and spread the value of life at ALL stages. We urge you to learn more about these important life topics by clicking the boxes below, and discover ways you can help!

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Orphans and Vulnerable Children



Sexual Risk Avoidance

Social Justice

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Many people assume AFL’s ministry focuses solely on abortion. While abortion is one of the topics we address, it isn’t the only one. In fact, we cover over 50 different topics that connect to our Life-Affirming work.