By: Robert Morris

Where does the fury shown by so many people in the wake of the Supreme Court’s reversal of Roe v. Wade come from? When they speak, shout, and carry signs, their emotion far exceeds frustration and even exasperation with the pro-life side.  In fact, their fury seems to spring from a deep pit of pain and hate.

We may wonder whether some pro-choice family members and friends, coworkers and neighbors feel (but hide) that same fury. Imagine if we were able to draw back the emotional curtain and—in keeping with the gospel—hold a loving talk to learn what thoughts and fears drive the feelings of those who might harbor rage.  Perhaps then we could ask… 

Why are you so furious?

Because you hold the view that an unborn child is mere tissue and part of the mother’s body—and society should keep its hands off her body?

Because you consider the unborn child too small, helpless, and out of sight to have value and deserve rights?

Because you simply don’t see that unborn child as a human being worthy of protection—”one of us” as said in the documentary film, The Matter of Life?

Because you’ve never realized that each unborn child has unique DNA in every cell, distinct features such as fingerprints, developing organs like the brain and heart, and spontaneous movements uncontrolled by the mother?

Because you’ve never known that laws like the U.S. Unborn Victims of Violence Act recognize that a fetus or embryo in utero is a protected individual apart from the mother—except during abortions—so that the killing of both by a third party can incur not one but two charges of manslaughter or murder?

Because you believe no support exists for surprise pregnancies and births—despite almost 1,400 federally qualified health centers with over 13,500 service delivery sites, as well as thousands of Christian organizations including churches, pregnancy resource centers, support programs for pregnant women like Young Lives or Embrace Grace, and group homes for single moms like Mary’s Shelter?

Because you think that abortion is really reproductive health care despite the risks of mental and physical harm for women, certainty of death for babies, and gruesome details admitted by abortionists? 

Because you’ve never seen either a sonogram of life inside a womb—or the depiction of an abortion’s impact?

Because you perceive this issue as purely religious, notwithstanding scientific evidence and secular pro-life groups?

Because you don’t really believe babies are knit together in their mother’s womb by a loving God—and you doubt that God exists and cares about us?

Or maybe the problem is more personal…

Because you believe that, unlike other boundaries society puts on your life, abortion restrictions unfairly interfere with how you choose to live and act before dealing with the repercussions?

Because you’ve had an abortion yourself (or instead encouraged or enabled one) and were never allowed to see the sonogram?

Because a man has mistreated you or someone you know, and you felt the sins of the father tainted the innocence of the life inside?

Because you feared that, if you didn’t get an abortion, you would be kicked out of your home and have nowhere else to go?

Because you felt—as Abby Johnson originally did in her memoir, Unplanned—that your parents would be more disappointed about your becoming pregnant than killing their grandchild?

Because you thought, regardless of legal protections, that you would be forced out of your school or job if found to be pregnant?

Because you could not bear to think of giving your child life but letting another family raise her…even though open adoptions have grown common?

Because no one told you about the regrets that would linger for the rest of your life after an abortion?

Or maybe the problem is people on the other side…

Because your only impression of pro-lifers is of those who are loud rather than loving?

Because friends haven’t dared to share with you the reasons for their pro-life views?

Because your church doesn’t recognize and prioritize the urgent needs of people in crisis, perhaps for fear of appearing political?

Because churchgoers seem too often wrapped up in their own problems and inhibitions to be approachable and ready to offer help?

Whatever the reasons you’re furious, please remember that God loves us all—both born and unborn—more than we can ever know. Let’s talk, my friend.  

Robert Morris, Guest Blogger

Robert Morris recently retired from a career in management to devote more time to family, friends, travel, and volunteer work as well as writing. After attending the AFL Life SUMMIT in January, he was inspired to share his gift of writing with Anglicans For Life.