Anglicans For Life is dedicated to protecting life at all stages. As God’s adopted children, we know He wants us to adopt orphans and vulnerable children as our own in an effort to support and continue His loving outreach. 

Recently, AFL announced the Anglican Adoption Fund grant focused on providing financial support for Anglican families interested in expanding their family through adoption. As we continue to grow our orphans and vulnerable children outreach and support, we have outlined three specific goals to help engage churches, leaders, and clergy about this important work. 

These goals include:

  1. Educating, equipping and mobilizing churches to fulfill the biblical mandate God set forth for orphans and vulnerable children.
  2. Equipping churches to care for children and families in their local communities through efforts such as adoption education, foster care outreach, the word of the Lord, and donations for families with foster children in need of everyday items. 
  3. Connecting churches and ministries with each other in an effort to foster collaboration and teamwork to meet the needs of children and families – especially for those in the foster care system.

As part of our continued effort and dedication to this mission and these goals, AFL is pleased to announce the addition of Johnston Moore as an Orphan Care Specialist to our team. He will help AFL expand our adoption resources and support for churches and individuals alike. Recognizing the challenges inherent in this ministry, Johnston states, “There are 300,000 churches in America. There are 100,000 kids waiting for adoptive families in foster care – so there are three churches for every kid waiting.” 

As a father of seven children who were all adopted through the Los Angeles County foster care system, Johnston brings with him valuable perspectives. Outside of his personal experience with adoption, Johnston has worked as a writer for Hope for Orphans, an organization that partners with churches locally and internationally to train pastors and lay leaders to care for orphans and widows during their distress. Johnston also co-founded Home Forever, an organization that promotes the well-being and adoption of foster children. He is empathetic and aware that children in foster care need the protection the system provides, he also argues, “But they also need families. The government can’t be a family.” 

The Church, on the other hand, is a family. We can support and nurture a child through Christ. 

Johnston’s passion of caring for, providing for, and educating on behalf of orphans and vulnerable children goes beyond his personal and professional activities. He has testified before Congress, speaks at churches, and is an active advocate regarding the necessity for reformed foster care strategy. His own family has been featured on TV multiple times as they share the love, success, and trials of fostering. 

Johnston’s dedication to adoption has touched the lives of many, and his message is simple, “We, in the Church, have an opportunity to give the world a tangible picture of the Gospel by welcoming children without families into our homes, and by adopting them into our families, as God did for us.” 

If you are interested in donating to the Anglican Adoption fund click here. If you would like to get involved with our Adoption outreach please contact Johnston at

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