Each month we will offer a list of action ideas so you can defend, honor, and celebrate Life in your churches and communities on our Take Action page. This month, we are looking serving life during the Coronavirus outbreak.

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The outbreak of Covid-19, or Coronavirus, means we are living in unprecedented times here in the United States.  Hundreds of thousands of Americans are working exclusively from home.  Major sporting events and tournaments have been canceled indefinitely.  Schools and daycares are closed.  Gatherings of every size and variety are being rescheduled or pushed off the calendar entirely.  Even churches have been forced to close their doors during this most sacred season of Lent.  And, unfortunately, if these changes aren’t in your area currently, you can be almost guaranteed they are headed your way soon, considering the sheer contagiousness of the virus. 

For many of us, this season of quarantine and “social distance” is simply inconvenient, frustrating or boring.  But for other Americans this is overwhelming and frightening—children dependent on school breakfast programs are missing a regular meal, single moms who need daycare services are struggling to care for children and make an income, and elderly people are homebound in fear of being infected while out in public.  While we know the shut downs and quarantine measures are necessary for saving lives and preventing the spread of the disease, this does not minimize the problems caused by these decisions and the needs that now must be filled.

This is where the Church can step in and serve the community.  First, it should be said that the best way God’s people can serve Life is by making safe choices.  If you are part of the high-risk group or showing Coronavirus symptoms, don’t go out.  If you aren’t in that high-risk group and aren’t knowingly unwell, follow handwashing precautions, avoid touching your face, don’t attend large gatherings, and follow the recommended regulations made by local government officials.  God calls us to serve, yes, but He doesn’t ask us to be fool-hardy.  If you are being safe and cautious, check in with your neighbors, even if through closed doors.  If they are homebound, make them a meal or do a store run for them.  Contact your local pregnancy center and see if there are single moms looking for childcare.  Buy gift cards at local restaurants to share with others, as many businesses are still providing take out meals.  Offer to take pets for a walk.  Create a communication chain within your church to serve home-bound elderly members of your congregation. Be creative!  The great thing is that we now have a commodity we are used to having very little of—time.  With activities and events canceled, our busy lives are pared down, and we can really focus serving others.

Just because we are being encouraged to not be together doesn’t mean that God’s people cannot “together” serve those who are vulnerable or in need.  And we do this not for worldly recognition or notice but because these people’s lives are just as precious and valuable now as they were before the Coronavirus outbreak.  May we as God’s people be identified as those who served others during a time of fear and uncertainty.

Action Ideas

  • Make meals for those who are homebound or organize a group at your church to make food for those in need
  • Contact your local pregnancy center or foster care service and ask how you can help provide childcare, keeping in mind the state or county restrictions on the number of people gathering together.
  • Create a phone chain within your church with elderly people in your congregation or community, to help serve any needs they may have.