Hey guys, if you haven’t met me yet – I’m Sammie Franks. I serve as the Coordinator of Ministry Outreach here at Anglicans for Life and am the creator of Abundant Life: You Were Made for More. Today, I wanted to take some time and dive into what AFL’s New Youth Curriculum is all about and why it is SO important for every person who loves a teenager to know about this resource.

If you didn’t know, Planned Parenthood is the nation’s largest abortion-provider – AND the largest sexual education provider in middle schools and high schools. They go into public school districts, telling students how to have “safe, healthy sex,” and what their options are if they encounter an unwanted pregnancy or STD. They support students in making decisions that, developmentally, they aren’t equipped to make, creating potential damage that will last a lifetime. They take parents out of the equation, telling students they are independent enough to make sexual decisions for themselves, and undermining the biblical authority given to parents.

We are excited to announce the release of a culturally-relevant, Gospel-centered youth ministry resource called Abundant Life: You Were Made for More!

Development of this resource began when I recognized the need to equip youth leaders and parents to address topics like healthy relationships, sexuality, dating, decision-making, pornography addiction, identity, social media usage, loneliness, depression, and suicide, all resting on the ultimate redemption found only in Jesus Christ. This was based on my own experience in youth ministry – it’s been during my five years as a youth leader that I’ve come to believe wholeheartedly that when teenagers know what they are worth and whose they are, they will be more inclined to live for Jesus – following His commandments and walking in His ways.

This web-based series has 4 modules made up of 12 teachings, complete with large-group presentations, marketing graphics, supplemental resources, and small group questions designed to equip youth leaders, partner with parents, and engage teens.

Trust me – I know that this is not an easy or popular battle – but it is a necessary one. It’s a battle that isn’t necessarily about behavior modification, but rather about heart transformation. Statistically, the worst thing our culture does for young people is to water down sex education. We misunderstand teenagers when we assume that they are just immature, physically and emotionally, in how they think about relationships. Beneath the physiological realities resides a deep, human desire for connection. We were made for relationships. When we fail to help young people navigate how sex and relationships fit into the broader category of life, we are failing the God who created relationships to be deep, bountiful gifts for us. Sadly, ‘Generation Z’ already believes that Christianity is a religion that has too many rules, many about sex. In fact, they’ve disconnected sex and relationships so much so that the majority aren’t terribly interested in sex itself – porn is safer to them. The Church’s narrative on sex education has classically been: “just don’t have sex until you get married.” If you talk to any young adult, they will tell you that that wasn’t a good enough answer for them – and I can attest to that. It isn’t good enough – and it isn’t even really what the Bible says.

Taylor, a 21-year-old, who has participated in the Abundant Life teachings said, “Not only did this open my eyes to the real definition of purity that the Lord calls us to, but for the first time I understood the very real, tangible impact of past relationships on my future marriage. After hearing the message in Abundant Life, it confirmed the love that the Lord has for me, and how I need Him if I’m ever going to have a relationship with someone else.”

The truths of the Gospel support and sustain the commands of the Gospel. It’s about time we start talking about who we are instead of focusing on the do’s and don’ts when it comes to sex, relationships, and everything in between.

So obviously, the action idea this week is to Check out YouWereMadeForMore.Org and please share this to learn details on how to become equipped about these topics & how to engage your teen! Thanks for watching and we’ll see you next week!