As we launch into the fall season, it’s a great time to begin thinking about life-affirming education opportunities for the people in your parish!
This week, we want to highlight a resource that Anglicans for Life refers to as the Quasar Conference. This is a great opportunity to bring the culture of life into your church and ignite a passion for those most vulnerable, the unborn and the elderly by showing that God deeply cares about them. Many times, a lack of passion for issues or people that God cares about stems from a lack of education on important biblical principles. The Quasar conference exists to bridge this gap!

A quasar is an astronomical body that produces vast amounts of energy and is extremely luminous. The Quasar Conference energizes God’s people to affirm life and shine the light of God’s love on the Culture of death. During the Quasar Conference, I take the time to illuminate the truth about abortion and euthanasia, two epidemics that are feeding the culture of death. I share information about things like:

• What are the current abortion and euthanasia statistics?
• Who are the people behind the statistics?
• Why do people choose abortion or euthanasia?
• What methods are used?

After I highlight the realities of the culture of death, the last hour of the conference is spent answering the question, “Are these pastoral issues for the church?” and focus on helping those present to identify ministry opportunities that are God-centered and results-driven! Depending on your group of volunteers, AFL can equip you with ideas about how to minister, advocate, or educate when it comes to life issues. Our goal is to empower you as you are proclaiming the sanctity of life and loving people in Jesus’ name.

If you’d like to schedule a Quasar Conference at your church, please email us or call our office for more information.