One of the biggest lies that our pro-abortion society tells women is that Planned Parenthood is the best, most credible option for them to receive medical care. It’s even more of a falsehood that this abortion giant cares about women; Planned Parenthood is a business that preys on vulnerable women and uses their vulnerability to make a profit.

When talking to women about their health care and reproductive needs, we need to pro-life recognize that most of society doesn’t know that there are other options out there. Across America, thousands of low-cost health centers offer women and their families high-quality health care without pushing an abortion agenda. Pro-choice advocates argue that we need Planned Parenthood because nobody can do what they can do. Well, was created to show that women have real choices when it comes to health care.  This new initiative provides a zip code search that brings up a list of clinics in your area and pulls up contact information that disproves the statement that other clinics can’t do what Planned Parenthood does.

There is a total of 14,878 health centers – either Federally Qualified Health Centers or Rural Health Centers – in the United States currently. In contrast, there are only 639 Planned Parenthood centers. That means there are 23 health centers for every one Planned Parenthood.

Whether you live in a rural area or a big city, there are many medical centers that provide higher quality care than Planned Parenthood can offer. When we become educated on the options that are out there, we are much better equipped to offer choices that empower people to choose life, rather than demeaning life all together. As we move forward ministering to women and men facing unplanned pregnancies, resources like will be vital in referring and providing real, unbiased medical care to those who are facing family planning decisions. These clinics are another way that the pro-life movement can care for both the mother and the child, because every life, born and pre-born, is sacred and treasured.

Written by AFL President Deacon Georgette Forney