Each month we will  offer a list of action ideas so you can defend, honor, and celebrate Life in your churches and communities on our Take Action page.  This month, we are looking at abortion doctors and providers.

Crossing denominations, state lines, and theological differences, we, in general, consider people who regularly attend a church to be “good”

Take Action blog abortion doctors and providers August 2017people.  Greeting you with a smile on Sunday morning, fellow parishioners appear law-abiding, put-together, and of good moral integrity.  While, yes, Christians do seek to grow in their faith and to become more like Jesus, we know enough of the darkness in our own hearts to see that we aren’t “good” people—we are sinners, redeemed by God.  And, amazingly, our God is so great that He can forgive our sins.

But do we really believe He can forgive all sins and all sinners?   Do we stumble at the thought of Him offering forgiveness to perhaps the most egregious of sinners and sins, abortion doctors and providers, those who kill the most innocent of all God’s creation, the unborn in the womb?   And can we not only accept that God can redeem them but celebrate their repentance and welcome them to our churches?  My friends, if we don’t believe this, we don’t believe in God’s forgiveness.  No, we don’t have to rejoice in their past horrible needs.  But can we be the love of God and the voice of Christ to abortion doctors and providers who need to know that they can be forgiven?

Action Ideas

  1. Find the names of abortion doctors at your local Planned Parenthood or abortion clinic and pray for them and their families, for their salvation.
  2. If you have a relationship with a doctor or abortion provider, talk to them about why they perform abortions. Don’t condemn. Listen and share about the value God places on Life and His gift of salvation.
  3. If you know a former abortion doctor or provider, have them share at your small group or church service. They provide a remarkable insight on the abortion industry, and your acceptance of them can help with their healing.


  1. Shockwaves of Abortion – Healing the Abortion Doctors and Providers
  2. And Then There Were None – Ministry for abortion providers leaving the industry


Written by AFL Administrator Robin Ferguson