Each month we will  offer a list of action ideas so you can defend, honor, and celebrate Life in your churches and communities on our Take Action page. This month, we are looking at social media and technology.

Many people would scoff if you asked them about the benefits of social media.  At best, social media apps, such as Facebook, Twitter, and take action for life social media and technology June 2017Instagram, are seen as being superficial and shallow, allowing users to hide their real problems behind touched-up photos and happy posts about their “perfect” lives.  At worst, they are the purveyors of untruthful or “fake” news stories and supporters of online, anonymous harassment.  But to ignore social media would be a massive mistake, especially for life-affirming people and ministries.   According to a 2016 Pew Research survey, over 60% of Americans get news on social media, and 18% of those do so often.   Social media networks can connect you to people all across the world, provide a free forum to discuss important ideas, and allow you to share what is most dear and true.  We encourage all pro-life people to use this resource with wisdom and discernment.  No, you can’t end abortion by liking a couple posts or retweeting a few articles.  But maybe you could help someone hurting after abortion by sharing healing program information, or direct a woman to a pregnancy center instead of a clinic by promoting their services, or share a graphic about abortion numbers to help your pro-choice friends understand the impact of abortion.  We are not called to conform to the culture but to go into the culture and be Christ to them—even online.  Will you log on with us?

Action Ideas:

  • Like or follow us on AFL’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and share our posts!
  • Engage in healthy and kind discussions on forums and posts about abortion and end of life issues. You don’t have to let yourself be abused, but you can participate.
  • Save links to articles, news reports, or data that can be referenced or shared on your social media page.
  • Set up social media accounts for your church or pro-life group.


Written by AFL Administrator Robin Ferguson