The death toll rises every single day. In fact a baby dies every thirty seconds. They are innocent and yet they are killed in a savage manner and worse; they are killed by their own parent.

They are the aborted babies that die each day thanks to the Supreme Court ruling of 1973 entitled Roe vs. Wade. 58,000,000 little beautiful precious darling babies. They were somebody’s son or daughter, brother or sister, grandchild or a niece or nephew. Our society has been sold a bill of goods with easy language. It isn’t a choice, it’s a baby.

We hear of being “Pro-Choice” and “Pro-life”. I wonder how the fetus would vote.

It's a Baby, not a ChoiceThe operation sounds so very innocent. They call it a procedure and they tell you how inconvenient the baby will be to you. They tell you that you are doing the right thing and they treat you kindly. The room is sterile and the staff very friendly. The mother is taken into the room and the baby is essentially ripped apart in the process and the fetus is disposed of in one way or another.

Then the guilt begins. The women who find themselves trapped with an unwanted pregnancy feel abandoned, alone, chastised by family and friends, and they feel desperate.

The procedure happens and they have been able to hide the pregnancy from those who would judge and they get on with their lives; or so they think.

While men and women are equal in the eyes of the law they are certainly not the same when it comes to their feelings about children. Women are the nurturers of our society, not the men. We men have a role to be sure but it is the women who, for the most part, are the ones who have the deeper feelings that are required for the baby to feel that nurturing.

When I have spoken to or heard at lectures the stories of women who have aborted their babies I hear the regret, the sorrow, the guilt, the pain, and the sense of loss that they connect with their actions. I don’t believe for a second that any women who aborted her child ever forgets that day of the abortion and I can’t imagine that they don’t wonder what the baby would have been like.

Imagine if you aborted a baby in 1973 immediately following Roe vs. Wade. That was forty years ago. Your baby would be middle-aged, raising your grandchild and spending time with you. If you couldn’t raise the baby and you unselfishly gave that baby up for adoption that baby would be over 40 years of age and that person and the adoptive parents would be singing your praises of the gift of life you provided.

Guys, it’s your baby as well. If you got her pregnant you have responsibilities too. You don’t get to walk away and you need to be there with that lady who is the mother of your child and be a responsible parent.

Getting back to the 58,000,000 little ones we did not get to enjoy. 3,000 killed every day and yet many in our society applaud the event. Planned Parenthood is proud of the work they do. They abort about 145 babies for every adoption they counsel a girl to complete. I really don’t understand the idea of finding it wrong to “give up” you child but socially acceptable to kill that baby. I just don’t get it.

A few friends of mine have adopted babies and those children have grown into blessings to their parents and have wonderful families. One child of adoption I know was born in 1975, two years after the court ruling. That young man has graduated from law school holds a great position in a fine firm and will be getting married this year. He has proven to be a delight to those who meet him. It would have been a shame for him to have been aborted.

I agree that not all adoptions turn out with happy ever after endings. That is where we need to turn our energies. To be there to help, without the judgments, the mothers caught with an unwanted pregnancy.

I am proudly Pro-life and proudly Pro-adoption.

It’s a baby; not a choice.