January 22 – A Day of Infamy

Do you remember where were you on Monday, January 22, 1973? Like most of us, it is highly unlikely you can recall that specific day, unless you gave birth, got married, or someone special in your life died.  I was 12 years old, and my family had just moved from the suburbs of Detroit to a little town called Wixom, Michigan. I had started classes at my new junior high school as a seventh grader at the beginning of 1973.  To me, it would have been just another day. 

But January 22, 1973 should live in infamy for all of us, because it was the day the U.S. Supreme Court announced two decisions that now, 49 years later, are still the focus of massive debate and angst nationwide. The first decision, Roe v. Wade, legalized abortion, and the second case, Doe v. Bolton, declared women could have an abortion any time during a pregnancy if it caused her duress. (This short video does a great job explaining both cases.)

Forty-nine years of legalized abortion in the United States has resulted in 63,459,781 abortions. Each abortion intentionally ends the life of an unborn baby growing in his or her mother’s womb. We don’t know for certain exactly how many babies this abortion number represents, as the abortion of twins or other multiples in pregnancies are not specifically recorded. However, suffice it to say that there have been at least 64 million human beings that have had their lives ended before they were named.

Randall O’Bannon, Ph.D., Director of Education and Research for the National Right to Life Committee, puts these numbers into perspective: “A nation with a population of 63.5 million would rank about twenty third on the list of the world’s most populous countries. In terms of population, a nation that size would rank ahead of such countries as Italy, Spain, Kenya, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Argentina, Columbia, Venezuela, Hong Kong, Cambodia, South Korea, or Canada. This is more than the population our country’s most populous state (California) and a number greater than the combined population of our 23 least populous states.”

It is truly hard to imagine all the people missing in our lives because abortion prematurely ended theirs.

My prayer is that after 49 years of legal abortion, the U.S. Supreme Court will be honest enough with our country to acknowledge the atrocity that abortion is – and overturn the Roe and Doe cases. Doing so would return the legislation of abortion back to individual states, where we can and will work with each state’s legislature to make it illegal.

In observing January 22 in 2022, we will mourn the 63.5 million dead babies, listen to the testimonies of mothers, fathers, and others who have been dealing with grief and shame after abortion, re-commit ourselves to continuing to work to end abortion, and mobilize the Church in providing life-affirming ministry to women, so they have the resources and support to choose life for their unborn children.

Additionally, as part of this observation, Anglicans For Life is hosting our seventh annual Life SUMMIT on Saturday, January 22, 2022. This year many of our speakers will share ministry and outreach ideas and programs that provide help for those considering abortion. As God’s people, the Church is uniquely called to serve widows and orphans, which in today’s society includes single mothers and their children. 

We invite you to join with us and other Anglicans, either in-person or online. Visit https://anglicansforlife.org/summit-2022/ to get additional details and register.

This will be the 23rd time I observe this awful day in our country’s history. But I pray that this year it will be the last.


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