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Anglicans in Action – Honoring All Mothers on Mother’s Day

Each week AFL posts an Anglicans in Action video, which gives practical suggestions, resources, and ideas for life-ministry. This week’s focus is on honoring all mothers on Mother’s Day.  You can see all the Anglicans in Action videos on our YouTube Channel.

In less than a month, we will be observing Mother’s Day, a special time when more than 2 billion women worldwide will be celebrated, honored, and remembered. It’s a day where we recognize all that mothers do and intentionally appreciate the gift that motherhood is.

However, there are women who will spend that Sunday silently hurting because their children are not in their lives; maybe they are healing from an abortion, grieving a child they gave up for adoption, or suffering the loss of a child from a miscarriage. On a day that motherhood is embraced and celebrated, many women experience sadness and are reminded of “what might have been.” Plus, there’s no escaping Mother’s Day, as it’s everywhere, from the TV to the aisles of Walmart.

From the moment we see those two parallel pink lines indicating “pregnant” on an at-home pregnancy test, we become mothers, regardless of whether or not we get the opportunity to welcome that child into the world. We are forever changed by pregnancy, no matter what the outcome.

This week’s action idea involves remembering that Mother’s Day is especially difficult for some moms. In churches, we have the opportunity to minister to them. Our acknowledgement of them has the power to brighten their spirits and remind them of the love that God showers upon them. This Mother’s Day Anglicans for Life invites you and your church to recognize ALL mothers by including a specific litany in your service. I encourage you to read the examples on our website, which you can find by going to our Pastoral Resources page. Once you get there, scroll to the bottom of the page and you’ll see a document entitled Mother’s Day Litany.

I hope you’ll take this wonderful opportunity to prayerfully prepare for Mother’s Day and speak to the hearts of every mother, meeting them where they are at, just like Jesus does for each of us.


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