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With all the other responsibilities that come from working in a church or diocese, being an advocate for Life can sometimes feel more like an additional burden than a calling. We understand how busy our priests and pastors can be, so we developed a resource page with life-affirming sermons, lectionary teachings, curriculums, and bulletin inserts—much of which have been written and created by your fellow clergy members—to help you in educating your Church or diocese about life issues.

Gospel of Life

Fr. Lee Nelson

“You and I are called to something greater than what cereal we ate for breakfast this morning, something greater than the house we live in and the beds in which we sleep…We are created for an eternal vocation – that of worshiping God forever and now. Because of this, each and every life is sacred.”    Sermon Text

Sanctity of Human Life Sunday Sermon

The Rev. Canon David Wilson

“Today will mark the 44th year since the U.S. Supreme Court’s 1973 decision in Roe v. Wade, which legalized abortion in every state for any reason through all nine months of pregnancy so we commemorate today as Sanctity of Human Life Sunday.”    Sermon Text

Life that is Unseen

Fr. Shay Gaillard

This is a sermon taken from the biblical text Isaiah 44.  Does Life always matter, even Life that is unseen, such as children in the womb? 

A Matter of Choice

The Rev. Ed Fowler

“The right to life, then, is about more than who lives and who dies; it is about who rules.  Since the Supreme Court’s horrific decision in Roe v. Wade 41 years ago, man has sacrificed 49 million children on the altar of his supremacy.”  Sermon Text


Fr.Paul Kolisch

“We have two pregnant women, and by the obvious work of the Holy Spirit, we are confronted with evidence of the unborn children responding to their surroundings…In the Judeo-Christian world, it is only in our arrogant, post-war societies that religious institutions have tolerated the wholesale destruction of the lives of infants.  To their shame, some have approved it by resolutions.”   Sermon Text

Handmade Imago Dei

The Very Reverend R. Peet Dickinson

“To see the distinguished beauty and sanctity of human life is to worship, not man, but the Creator himself.  That’s what the Imago Dei is meant to do.  It’s not about being anthropocentric and full of ourselves, but is actually Theocentric and full of praise for the One whose image we all bear.”  Sermon Text

Isaiah 1:10-20

The Rev. Dr. W. Ross Blackburn

This sermon challenges what it means to be a disciple of Christ in a political world, looking to Him and asking “Lord, what are your priorities? Where should we focus? Lord, what are your non-negotiables?”

Sanctity of Life Sunday

On Sanctity of Life Sunday, which normally occurs the Sunday closest to January 22nd, the day the Supreme Court handed down the Roe versus Wade decision, the Church celebrates God’s gift of life, commemorates the many lives lost to abortion, and commits to protecting human life at every stage.  Sanctity of Life Sunday service can be held at any time in the liturgical calendar.  See our resources for leading your own service.

Bulletin Insert January 2017

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